Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Idea: Globalization of Movies...

So, this is one my crazy (?) ideas – there has been very limited globalization of movies. Many Hollywood movies are released dubbed in different languages. So people who don’t understand English can see the movie in a language they can understand. This means more people can enjoy the movie and movie makers have a bigger market.
But these movies still are based completely in a world that itself is alien to many people who are likely to watch it in other languages. The references, locations and lifestyle are all very different from what they know.
With the advance of the technology, would it be possible to globalize the movies to such an extent that the story, the characters, the actors and the situations remain the same but based on the locale and the location the implementations are different?

Friday, December 10, 2010

My Friends

I have a lot of friends, many, many in the Oxford definition, few who are really close to my heart. And I must say that I have been extremely fortunate with my friends.

Some of my best, closest friends are my family – my parents and my sister. I also think of my ten year old nephew as a close friend. We really enjoy each other’s company a lot. Moreover we are always learning from each other and we have a lot of respect for each other. My maternal uncle is another close friend, and I always look to him for advice, especially when I am having difficulty in deciding something.

Apart from my closest family, I have many family members who I classify as friends. And of course I have friends, real close friends outside the family circle. Some of them are close by and we manage to meet often; others are far away and I can’t meet them or talk to them as often as I would like. But it’s always a pleasure to be able to meet them when I travel to their part of the world or they visit mine.

There are friends I have travelled to different parts of the world. And each of those travels has been a memorable experience, as much because of the place as the company.

There are friends at whose house I have spent wonderful days and evening time after time. Sometimes seating by the fireplace, on a cold winter evening, sipping coffee and talking our hearts out, other times cooking in the kitchen, while some peppy music played in the background. Sometimes hanging out in their garden or on their balcony drinking tea and looking at birds on and trees, sometimes drinking wine looking at the stars….

There are friends that I meet, once in maybe 3-4 years and we have not even been in touch in between those years but as soon as we meet, there is just so much to share.  Going around a beautiful city with a friend who knows the place and its history is an experience I will always cherish.

Friends that I have made at work places but who have gone much beyond just being colleagues – who have made me feel part of their family – from whom I have learnt so much – about work but also about so many other things – different games, different cultures and books and songs… the list is endless…

And in this digital world, my list of happy moments spent with friends will be incomplete without mentioning some wonderful chat sessions I have had on messenger or even FB. When one sees a “Hi” on the messenger or FB from a dear friend, it is always such a pleasant moment. And then sometimes just a few minutes but other times even long hours… These modern day tools and technologies just take away the distance and the time difference… Sometimes it actually feels like chatting with the person in person. It does not matter if the person is in the next room, next building, another city or half way across the world.

And then there are friends who are a lot more than a friend – someone who is a friend, philosopher and guide…. Of course there are very, very, very few who fall in this category….

My friends are one my most valuable treasures. Amongst the many things in my life that I am deeply grateful to God, almighty, fate, nature – whatever – for; great friends is definitely amongst the top.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Friend(s) - some thoughts on friendship...

The basic definition of “friend” (I like to start with the definition of a word J) in the Oxford dictionary is “a person you know well and like, and who is not usually member of your family”.
If you ask me, that is too lame to define what a true, close to heart, friend is. Everyone knows well and likes many people, not all will be counted even as a “friend”.  So maybe the dictionary gives the original meaning and its come to mean something a lot more now.
Wiktionary (Wikipedia’s sister org – http://en.wiktionary.org) , I think does better, defining friend as “A person other than a family member, spouse or lover whose company one enjoys and towards whom one feels affection.” This definition at least mentions the feeling of affection. But even this seems insufficient to really define what a true, close to heart friend is.
Or I would say, bot these definitions define 2 different levels or degrees of friendship, but there are many more….  I have been told that French language has some twenty-four different words or phrases to describe love, based on the degree of love you feel for the person.  When I first heard this, I found it really funny. But maybe its needed. And I think maybe the same is true to some extent about friendship.

One can have many friends at the level at which Oxford seems to define it. Many people who we know well and like. We also enjoy company of many people and have fun doing things together. But we don’t share our secrets and deep feelings with them. That we do with very, very few people. And then there are others who can be a lot more than that too – people who we look to for guidance, for their thoughts – people who would be in the category of, I guess, “friend, philosopher, guide”.

Both these definitions also seem to exclude family members from “friends”. But it is possible that a family member can be a very dear friend with whom you share your deepest secrets. So I would actually make that another category of friends – people who are family as well as friends.

Having friends is, I think a very basic need. WE need friends to share things with – success and failures, to tell us the right from the wrong and to basically make us feel that we “belong” here. 
And so, children start making friends from a very early age. As we grow up, our friends change – due to various factors – change of school, location, the activities we pursue change, our interests change. And in some way always but especially in the growing up years, what we do and how we think is very strongly influenced by people and happenings around us.  And so when things like school and location change, our thinking or activities too are likely to change. And so not just specific friends will change but even the type of people we make friends with could change.

Of course there are other reasons why our friends change.
Sometimes we lose respect or the regard we had for our friend and somehow then its difficult to continue that friendship. Friendship has to have respect/regard for it to continue or to grow.
Some friendships die overnight due to some specific event or incident. Some others just fade away with time….

Then there are childhood friends that you meet after a long, long time – after may be many, many years. And sometimes you connect like you have never been apart. You can still chat as easily, you can still have same kind of fun together and you feel quite comfortable sharing your deepest thoughts with them. These kinds of friends are a real treasure and getting back in touch with them is one of the best things in life.
But there are some others, that when you meet after a long period, seem very different from what you remember them as. Maybe they have changed a lot. May be you have and maybe you are seeing the same person with different eyes now. But it seems difficult to connect to these people again at the same level. You wonder how you were such good friends all those years ago.  This kind of encounters can be painful, especially if you have remembered that person very fondly for all those years and have really looked forward to getting in touch again.

Of course there are times when you meet new people and have such a wonderful “connect”. You seem to have similar thinking, liking, and interests.  And though sometimes it does not go anywhere from here, some other times, this ends up being the beginning of a new, meaningful friendship.

Sometimes you also become close friends with someone in a short period of time after being acquainted with that person for many years. Maybe you get thrown together in a situation or go someplace together and suddenly discover each other all over again.

Strangely, there are friends, even real close friends (and maybe this is true especially about real close friends), that there is some habit of theirs or some behavioral trait that you find extremely annoying or irritating, but you are willing to let it go or live with it. Or you really like this person except for this one thing….


Friday, December 3, 2010

Today seems like a good day to start blogging...

So I have been thinking about blogging for a long time. And like everything else I do, I have come to realize that I have been doing just that, "thinking" for too long. Its time to put thoughts into action. And actually start blogging.

So today, I am posting my very first post on my blog.

Its not that I am new to blogging. I have seen many people's blogs and of course have also left my comments on some folks' blogs. Then there are blogs that I do read with a lot of interest. And actually, I have also blogged a little bit but not under a pseudo name .

And I am not new to writing either. Both my parents are writers. I have seen the process of creative writing from childhood. Again, I have also tried my hand at writing. Of course, when I tried to get published that didn't go anywehre. But thats a different story.

And oh, I have written about some of my travels. Earlier I used to email it out to friends. Then I started putting it up on Live spaces - this thing Microsoft had provided in the whole bundle of Hotmail, MSN, Windows messenger. But even the last post up on Live spaces was a long time ago. so in the recent past, I have not been putting my thoughts, ideas & views anywhere much (except for twitter & facebook - if that counts?) basically because I have not been writing.

So I HAD to start. And today seemed like a good day for it....